What is the purpose of a progesterone test?

The purpose of a progesterone test is to determine when the ovulation takes place. Without an ovulation the conception cannot take place even though the semen of the stud dog is of excellent quality. “Timing” is the most essential factor.

“Timing” is of essence when:

  • An old stud dog is used with a reduced libido
  • A stud dog is used whose semen is of lesser quality
  • A stud dog is used who has to mate 2 or more bitches in a short period of time.
  • Frozen or chilled semen is used.
  • The whelping date has to be determined in advance (dog breeds where caesarian are indicative)
  • A bitch that shows little or no symptoms during the estrus.
  • When the owner of the bitch has to drive a long distance to visit the stud dog. In such situations it is always pleasant to know that one is leaving at the correct time/date.