Can the semen of every dog be frozen for future usage?

Unfortunately this is not the case. Before the semen of the stud dog is to be frozen, it is first critically examined. The concentration, motility and percentage of abnormal cells are examined. During the freezing process some sperm cells will also die. Therefore only semen of good quality can be used to be frozen in liquid nitrogen. If the semen of the stud dog in question is not of good quality, we will strongly advise the owner of the stud dog not to have the semen frozen.

One week after the semen has been frozen, one straw is taken out of the liquid nitrogen tank, thawed and examined (concentration, motility and percentage of abnormal sperm cells). With this method an indication can be made as to how the semen has reacted to the freezing process and this can help make an indication of the fertility and conception rate when the semen is placed in a bitch.